Originally a Renaissance chateau, built in 1606 by Václav Budovec from Budov. Property passed into the ownership of Albrecht von Wallenstein after the Battle of the White Mountain in 1620.

At the turn of the 17th and 18th century the entire complex was rebuilt into its current Baroque form, with a chateau, stables, riding school and sala terrena, and a French garden (now leading into an English park).

The neighbouring Capuchin monastery, the Church of the Three Kings and the Chapel of St. Anne are also affiliated with the chateau.

The main sightseeing route features rich 17th century interiors with charming wall paintings and Oriental porcelain, and includes a glimpse into the library of Duchov Castle, which also belonged to the Waldsteins – the orginal librarian there was Giacomo Casanova, who lived there for the last thirteen years of his life, The rare castle theatre of 1833, was inaugurated for the occasion of the Assembly of the Three Monarchs, the so-called Holy Alliance organized by Chancellor Metternich (Sightseeing tour circuit II) and this new route features period interiors and costumes and props.

The Chapel of St. Anne (sightseeing tour 3). was where the famous Thirty Years War general Albrecht of Wallenstein is buried.

About Mnichovo Hradiště chateau